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Quality Education

We develop our students to be the best and the brightest; In the Arts - For Business Sciences - Academia - All Areas of Life.

Global Awareness and Readiness

Funtaj is an international school in every standard. Our students graduate from here with opportunities to study both at home and abroad. Learning at Funtaj is with global standards.

Flexible Learning Options

You will discover at Funtaj our flexible learning options prepare our students to be leaders of tomorrow.

Our vision and values are based on the fundamental belief that all pupils can achieve, succeed and thrive – and it is the mission of everybody at the school to ensure that this happens for each and every pupil.

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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

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Self Development

What You Get

At FUNTAJ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we aim to educate students to be confident in leadership roles.

  • We develop Adaptable Lifelong Learners who
  • We discover Creative Thinkers who
  • Our learners are Active Citizens who
  • We encourage and support Independent Enquirers who
  • Our learners are Effective Contributors who

Self Development

We ensure that our learners develop the following five essential learning experiences throughout all stages of schooling to facilitate whole-person development.

  1. Moral and civic education: to foster positive values and attitudes to deal with the challenges in their life.
  2. Intellectual development: to enrich and extend learning in KLAs and cross-curricular studies to lay a firm foundation of knowledge.
  3. Community service: to nurture care and respect for others, and to develop commitment and responsibility.
  4. Physical and aesthetic development: to develop an active and healthy lifestyle and aesthetic appreciation
  5. Career-related experiences: to provide information on vocational and skill-based training and the world of work for developing career aspirations and nurturing work ethics.


Values are qualities that we encourage our students to develop as principles for conduct and decision, e.g. rights and responsibilities, commitment, honesty and national identity. We instill positive attitudes in our students as personal dispositions needed to perform a task well, e.g. open-mindedness and co-operativeness. We strongly believe that values and attitudes affect the development of each other. Our Moral and Civic Education is directed towards developing students’ seven priority values and attitudes, i.e., perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national identity, commitment, integrity, and caring for others, and selecting other values and attitudes in accordance with the school mission and students’ needs, with a view to providing students with holistic learning experience, and facilitating their whole-person development.

Early Years

A safe, stimulating child-centred environment where high priority is given to the process of learning through practical, first-hand experiences.


Our Primary School thrive on educational foundations built on the cornerstones of key learning skills, developed through practical experiences and opportunities.


The Secondary School curriculum at FUNTAJ focuses on supporting young confident adults to reach their potential, in line with the aims of our Student Vision.

Clubs at Funtaj

The Campaign for the Funtaj International School is the largest fundraising campaign in history. With a historic $1 billion goal, the campaign is expanding U of T’s global leadership capacity.

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