Our understanding of leadership has shifted. Today’s leaders require more global understanding, emotional intelligence, cooperative ability and an empowering, rather than overpowering, approach. Every student at FIS is a leader and is involved in the leadership program.

We believe that leadership is a process of engagement that moves people to understanding and action in an environment inspired by trust. Every student at FIS is a leader and is involved in the leadership program. Each year there are opportunities for each student to explore and experience their potential as leaders in an age-appropriate way.

The Five Streams of Leadership

Effective leadership requires a complex set of skills, knowledge and values. With this in mind, our school has developed a multifaceted approach to leadership education. Our program includes five interdependent streams: principles of leadership, service, sustainability, global responsibility and experiential/outdoor education.

The Principles of Leadership stream focuses on personal development. More than knowing how to lead, we want our students to be responsible, positive leaders who consider the interests of others. As we build a theoretical and ethical foundation for solid leadership, there are opportunities to discuss ethics, character and how to be a good leader.

It is envisaged that FIS will become the flagship school in W. Africa for the Pupil Leadership Course devised by TFL (Teaching Future Leaders). This is an accredited course supported by the Chartered Institute of Management in London.