Dress Code

FIS Dress Code

Most countries have laws that allow schools to make dress code rules for students to promote a safe, disciplined school environment, prevent interference with schoolwork and discipline, and to encourage uniformity of student dress. For instance, dress codes that prohibit clothing that is vulgar, obscene or worn in a manner that disrupts school activity are generally permitted – whereas dress codes that censor student expression because educators do not like the message are generally not permitted.

Not all speech is protected in a school setting. For example, students who wear clothing that follows the latest fashion trend – such as oversized shirts and slouchy jeans for boys, or short skirts and mid-drift cut-out shirts on girls – or clothing that supports a particular sports team, religion, or political point of view, may be prohibited in dress code policies if the student’s choice in clothing draws attention away from the school’s learning environment.

FIS Dress Code is implemented to help pupils realise the importance of identity, neatness of appearance, and a sense that clothes and appearance change depending upon the occasion.

The uniform of Funtaj International School allows for the respect between religious preferences but insists that all pupils respect the Dress Code in its entirety. There is no place for personal interpretations of the Dress Code or for modifying the uniform in any way. Girls’ skirts or boys’ trousers that are altered will not be permitted and a replacement item will have to be bought at the parent’s expense. Boarders will have the cost deducted from the Boarding Hostel Bond and Day Students wearing incorrect uniform will not be allowed into the School Campus.
Only pupils wearing correct school uniform will be admitted by Security Guards.

PE wear is not permitted to be worn until the PE lesson is to begin. If there are lessons after PE, the Changing Rooms have to be used to change back into classroom standard uniform.


School Uniform


Navy Blue Blazer with school logo.
Blue long sleeved jumper
Maroon Skirt (full length if head scarf worn, knee length for other skirts)
White Shirt with collar and school logo.
Neck scarf
Head scarf is optional
White socks to the ankle with black leather shoes (no trainers)


Navy Blue Blazer with school logo.
Blue long sleeved jumper
Maroon Trousers (not to be altered)
White shirt with collar and school logo.
School Tie
White socks and black leather shoes (no trainers)

PE Uniform

Plain white T shirt with school logo
School shorts
(Girls may wear white leggings and tight long sleeves if preferred).
White socks with white or black trainers.
A House Colour T shirt is required for House Activities.


No jewellery is allowed except:
wrist-watch with black or silver strap for boys and girls.
one small stud in each ear for girls.
no visible body piercing or tattooing.


Hair should be kept to a reasonable length and be in keepingwith the ethos of FIS.
Girls in particular need to take care to have neat and presentable hair while at school.
No colouring or extensions will be permitted.

Parents may permit their children to have whichever styles they want to have during vacation time, but they must conform to School Dress Code when returning to school at the beginning of each term.