Life At School

Policy and Code of Conduct for students at Funtaj International School


  1. Students are expected to set high standards of honesty, courtesy and respect for others. Students must represent the school positively at all times. 
  2. Common sense is to be used both in interpreting the School Rules and in general behaviour. 
  3. Students are expected to show respect for themselves, each other, staff and property, valuing each other’s opinions and views.  
  4. The following are not allowed and any infringement may result in suspension or expulsion;
    • Unacceptable sexual intimacy
    • Possession or use of unauthorised drugs or misuse of prescribed drugs
    • Smoking or possession of smoking materials
    • Possession or consumption of alcohol
    • Bullying 
    • Theft
    • Assault or threatening behaviour
    • Racist abuse
    • Possession or use of fireworks, firearms, knives or other weapons
    • Tampering with any fire appliance or safety device
    • Vandalism or tampering with school, staff or students property
    • Unauthorised access to the school computer network
    • Viewing or possession of sexually explicit material in any form
    • Any behaviour or action which may bring the school’s reputation into disrepute. 
  5. Students are not allowed to enter the boarding houses of members of the opposite sex, except under staff supervision. 
  6. Where relationships develop between students, we expect them to be open and honest. No physical contact or public displays of affection are acceptable.
  7. No chewing gum or bubble gum is allowed. 
  8. Mobile phones of electronic gadgets are not allowed in Boarding Hostels or school premises. Day students are required to hand in any such items to security officers at the School Entrance and collect on the way out at the end of the day. Any such items found in the school or Hostels will be permanently confiscated. Contact with parents from the Hostels is permitted from the Hostel telephone after permission is granted by the Hostel Supervisors.
  9. No possession of DVDs or computer games where the age restriction is not appropriate. 
  10. Students should be on time to all lessons and activities. Absence from lessons is a serious matter. Permission to miss a lesson should always be requested – for whatever reason – and work missed should be caught up immediately. 
  11. Members of the school are expected to be familiar with the following, which are published separately and may alter from time to time: Behaviour Policy, Daily Routine, including Prep Rules, Boarding house code of conduct, Fire Drill & Safety Regulations, Dress Code. 
  12. Students should at all times, including school trips, conduct themselves in a positive manner which reflects the school’s expectations and ethos. Students should refrain from reckless behaviour and use of poor language.