Home School Agreement

Home-School Agreement

Vision Statement

We are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children will be challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners. This can be done most effectively when all staff, parents and children understand their responsibilities and work together towards the same goals, as detailed in our home/school agreement.

The school will:

  • provide your child with a high standard of education, implemented by rigorous national guidelines, within a balanced curriculum.
  • ensure that our learning environment is stimulating and challenging.
  • celebrate your child’s academic and personal achievements.
  • care for your child’s safety and well-being.
  • teach your child to develop a positive attitude to one another, and to maintain a high level of behaviour within the school and Hostels
  • provide information to you about our school, including relevant policies, activities, newsletters and open days.

The parents will:

  • make sure that my child will arrive at Boarding Accommodation with correct items from the kit list and no unauthorised items.
  • day students to arrive at school by 7.40 am.
  • make sure that my child has named school uniform or other suitable clothing.
  • demand that all assignments and projects are completed as instructed by the member of staff.
  • let the school know of any concerns or worries that may be affecting my child’s learning, behaviour or ability to do homework, as this can then be resolved quickly.
  • support and work with the school to ensure that the behaviour management policies of the school are maintained, particularly with my child.


I, as a Pupil of Funtaj International School, will:

  • understand that I have rights within the school include:
    • to be treated kindly.
    • to be listened to.
    • to be happy.
    • to be safe.
  • respect other children’s culture, race, feelings, beliefs and values.
  • respect the school uniform, not to alter it in any way and to wear it with pride.
  • ensure that as a girl I will not add any additions/extensions to my hair and keep it neat and presentable.
  • ensure that as a boy I will keep my hair at a  well groomed length and not let it become unkempt and untidy.
  • accept responsibility for the things that I do.
  • ensure that I take home all school letters.
  • follow the school’s Code of Conduct:
  • speak politely to everyone in school.
  • take good care of the building, equipment and school grounds.
  • behave in a safe way.

Signed                                                                          Principal           date ________________________

Signed                                                                          Parent               date ________________________

Signed                                                                          Pupil                 date ________________________


Revised June 2015