The Robotics team of Funtaj High School won the State/National  competition  of ROBOTICS  COMPETITION in FCT which qualified them for Africa regional competition. This competition took place on Saturday 27th October in Lagos with winners from different parts of the the country and Africa competing for a space in Global rounds. 
Our future Robotic Geniuses battled fiercely with other robots and were not in any way intimidated by the fact that they were the only “newbies” in this year’s African rounds. At the end of the day we emerged 3rd position and qualified for the Global Rounds which will hold in China next year July. The students are even more motivated to go back and work hard and keep building robots.
The school will give them every support because we realize that the future they will live in and compete in will have its fair share of robots.
The ubiquitous revolution would mean that machinery and equipment could be installed anywhere even in the human body. Robots could become human assistants and, in the long-run, they would become co-workers. Man would gradually be released from the shackles of time and space with the help of ubiquitous applications and technological solutions. The man-machine relationship would become more and more integrated and interactive as smart machines come to the help of man in the most diverse contexts at work and in the free time. Changes in the social, cultural and economic sphere would occur.
It is essential to emphasize how now is the time to consider what we demand from robots and robotics.
We need to find novel models of man-robot cooperation and interaction, but also new rules of the “game” in postmodern societies. We have to perceive where we are, and navigate to where the world is going to in the future.
The summary of Robotics 2020 report outlines current developments in the following way: “Robotics Technology will become dominant in the coming decade. It will influence every aspect of work and home. Robotics has the potential to transform lives and work practices,
raise efficiency and safety levels, provide enhanced levels of service and create jobs. Its impact will grow over time as will the interaction between robots and people.”
We celebrate this great achievement and we are warming up for the bigger tournament. UP FUNTAJ, EVER HIGH!
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