Life At School

Teaching and Learning

Funtaj Nursery &  Primary School’s mission is to meet children where they are, academically, socially and emotionally, so that they can be happy, successful, and prepared for what is ahead.

Making learning fun is the core of our program. We set the stage for learning using imagination, creative play, child centred and hands on activities as well as exploration to guide and ensure that key developmental milestones are achieved. Our teachers are dedicated, creative professionals who understand the needs of the young child.


Summer Camp

Every summer, Funtaj is filled with aspiring scholars, artists, explorers and performers. Funtaj Summer Camps Program provides a wide range of offerings to children.  Our summer camps are open to the public.  We welcome Funtaj and non-Funtaj students to join us in the summer time for some fun!!!4

Please call the school for more information.


Clubs and extracurricular activities 2015/2016

SN   CLUBS                                                             DAYS

1      Reader’s Club/Debating                                    Thursday

2      Computer                                                             Thursday

3      Funtaj Theartre                                                   Thursday

4      Wazobia                                                                 Thursday

5      Lego                                                                        Thursday

6      Arts                                                                          Thursday

7      Fairy Tale (Nursery Section)                              Thursday

8      Football                                                                  Thursday

9      Ballet & Music                                                       Friday

10     Discovery Lane                                                     Friday

11     Home Management                                              Friday

12     French                                                                     Friday

13     Karate                                                                      Friday

14     Paint House (Nursery Section)                          Friday

15     Math’s Club                                                            Friday