Funtaj High School Gudu took part in the Annual Nigeria International Secondary Schools Model United Nations(NISSMUN) Conference this year from 20-25th October. It was a training ground for our future leaders and also an opportunity to interact with students from other Secondary Schools Nationwide, share ideas suggest solutions to various world issues. Several competitions were also put in place by the organizers to test the students understanding of the vision, mission and objectives of the United Nations. They also asked questions about various countries who are members of the United Nations (UN) and award country heads to deserving students. 
At the end of this year’s conference, 4 Funtaj Students won the title of Head of Countries while 15 were selected NISSMUN Directors. Some students got both positions and we are very proud of them. Our cultural display was also the best as we proudly showcased our groovy Nigerian traditional dances.
Funtaj will continue to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today as our motto rightly portrays. See some pictures below.
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