Funtaj International School Ltd is set to showcase another important event!

MASK Day at Funtaj International School is an annual event that seeks to promote the social and cultural concept of the mask as product of human creativity. The theme for this year’s event is “Identity”.

The day is put together by the teachers and students of the school to emphasise the importance and values of “identity” as a means of developing pride of who we are. Part of our school goal is to have our students “develop their uniqueness and interests” so this idea felt like it was made for our school.

Students are encouraged to design and produce their own unique masks or anything that would help other students to learn something about them. 

Every child is unique; it is up to us, as educators, to create the environment that encourages the student to develop this strength and passion. Mask Day is one example of the many things we are trying to do at Funtaj International School to help children find who they really are.

The event will happen simultanously in Asokoro and Gudu campuses on the 31st of October, 2018 from the start of school to closing.

Parents are encouraged to help thier child find the best mask that is suitable for their personalities.

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