Every academic session, the Literacy Week team collaborates to plan a week full of engaging events and activities for Funtaj students. Activities such as debates, drama, spelling, author visits, a book character talk show, and a students-versus-teachers Battle of the Books competition will form the major part of this session’s events.

The theme for this session is structured around “Enviroment and climate change”. Climate change is one of the most pervasive and threatening issues of our time, with far-reaching impacts in the twenty-first century.

Climate change is expected to have unprecedented implications on where people can settle, grow food, build cities, and rely on functioning ecosystems for the services they provide. In many places, temperature changes and sea-level rise are already putting ecosystems under stress and affecting human well-being.

As educators, we strive to promote our love of reading to all students. We want to show them the wonderful world of adventure and fantasy. We want to show them the importance of learning facts and adding to our knowledge about topics of interest.