Cultural Day Celebration: Nigeria at 58

Recent development in schools across the country has shown that Cultural/Diversity Day celebration has taken over the October 1st Independent event.

Funtaj International School Abuja marked her cultural day to commemorate Nigeria’s 58th Independence celebration on the 28th of September at Asokoro and Gudu campuses respectively. It was a colorful event with learners representing the 6 geopolitical zones of our great Nation, all dressed up in traditional attire to show our beautiful and unique Nigerian fashion. The foreign students formed the Diaspora group and presented a drama skit on the beauty of Nigeria, a country they have come to love like home. They emphasized the things they loved most about Nigeria, like the food, the green and rich vegetation, the warmth and laughter of the citizens and its rich culture.
Funtaj Parents were not left out of the fun as they also came dressed in their traditional attires, brought in their native food to share with others. We all enjoyed the savory taste of well prepared “Naija” delicacies. Students presented dances and playlets, narrated history and poems to show the journey from the time of our fore fathers to the Nigeria we have today. It was truly a memorable event.
Funtaj believes in the unity of Nigeria and we stand for peace. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A new and happy parent of the school  noted that her children enjoyed dressing in clothes associated with their heritage and bringing in food that was linked to a tradition in their family.  Othe parents at the event were happy to see the children sharing their food with the rest of their classes and were very adventurous in trying the new food experiences.


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